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by sa Ekhator - Monday, 19 May 2014, 5:58 PM

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by sa Ekhator - Saturday, 12 April 2014, 6:13 AM

There is a new trend for translation to local Nigerian language and dialects, in all the major skillsets.



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Available courses

This is a course on the basics of html and web design, with a focus of making it a money making opportunity.

basic computer

Basic computer course
This is a short primer course that gives all trainees sufficient knowledge to use computers for basic tasks, their purpose, and basic operations of a computer.
This course is for trainees who have taken and passed the MS Word training course.
Writing proposal is a central management and business skill. Every budding entrepreneur and established business person immensely gains skills to strategically promote to existing and new market targets to grow their business.  Like every skill there is an art to it, that comes with cognition, appreciation and practice. The professionals who will appreciate this course the most are:
· Entrepreneurs,
· All Managers
· Marketing experts
· Academics
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Microsoft Word Training Course
This course is for trainees who have taken the basic computer training course.
It enables professionals to communicate the excellent value of their products or service. The professionals who will appreciate it the most are:
· Entrepreneurs,
· Administrators,
· Legal experts,
· Academics,
A thorough understanding and practiced use through this lesson will show the polish and diligence that always draw attention of excellent observers, seeking to save time, looking value added talent.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and this lesson will give an introduction of the basics of CRM, so you can benefit both service providers and users in a marketing environment.

This course is comprised of a series of lessons that prime all trainees to run their own biz successfully from start to finish. It covers all the basic, to ensure good grounding and give good examples for reference.

This is a series of customer service/ sales sections of the bible subcategorised into their topics, and then testing for competence of sales standards for business efficiency.